How to Always Dress to Impress

What do you have that stands out on your resume? Is it your college education or is it your specialized training? Was your last job something worth talking about or have you been out of work starting your own business? While all this is vital talking points for a resume don’t forget one of the most important elements and that is your appearance. How do you plan on coming to that job interview? According to Fortune, appearance matter, sometimes more so than even the degree, specialized training last job or anything else presented on your resume. The clothing you wear and how you present yourself says a lot about you, your personality and could be the catalyst that gets you that job or that promotion. Employers are not only looking for skills and education but for people who have the potential to travel up the ranks with in the company. You might not judge people on how they look but you can be assured that the one in charge of hiring will judge you on appearances. According to an article in GQ, it has been proven that men who dress in suits are better negotiators than those who wear casual dress. Why is this the case? Perhaps because those who are dressed professionally are taken more serious than those who are not. The same article also mentioned that men who dress in professional apparel at work also tend to have stronger leadership skills. Be sure that you dress to impress at your next job interview.

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